High Speed Digital

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These photos were taken using a Canon digital camera and either a photogate trigger for the waterdrops or an amplified sound trigger for the popping balloons or the bullet/ lightbulbs. Triggers coupled to a Vivitar “thyrisistor” type strobe modified for a flash duration of approximately 1/100,000 of a second, camera in “bulb” mode, all work in total darkness.


The photogate trigger:



The strobe and the first trigger:


The second trigger, with inputs for the amplified mic and the photogate.
Outputs for instantaneous and 2 delay settings:

Note: a person that wasn’t all thumbs could probably assemble this on a board the size of a half dollar.

Center strip for adding/ subtracting capacitance for coarse delay scale, Pots for fine scale delay.

 556 (dual 555) timer IC, thyrisistor isolated to handle the 600 VDC across the contacts of the Vivitar 283 strobe. Never hook one of these strobes directly to a digital camera’s shoe, always use an Isolator.  2 adjustable outputs.